Autor Thema: Joining the Epoch server is possible now  (Gelesen 1107 mal)

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Joining the Epoch server is possible now
« am: 04. Juni 2014, 10:59:21 »
Attention! The server is running purely experimental. Access only serves a first look into Epoch and / or to look at one of the possible maps.
 al ot of things are completely different from Origins (less loot, but dealer system)

There are already vehicles and helicopters, but these will not stand, because it is still unclear which "caliber" will remain in the game!

There can be no assurance that the current game progress, especially Bases remains as long as it is not clear if we continue to play the map or another. Please expect that the server is started in between often new or to other disorders.

But I do not want to leave here a block elite circle the server, so equal rights for all, as far as possible. Therefore, the immediate access option.

The whitelist players have received a forums message to the access data of the server.

Those, who are not listed yet, pls write iunto this thread or send me a message.

Have fun